MatrixConcreteFoundations •Are poured concrete foundations better than block foundations? Yes. Poured concrete foundations are stronger and resist water infiltration better than block foundations. Poured concrete foundations also have a faster building cycle and are more aesthetically pleasing.

•Will cracks appear on poured concrete foundations? Surface cracks may become visible as the concrete shrinks. Concrete will “shrink” as the water is evaporated from the cement mixture. These are not structural cracks and they will not affect the integrity of the foundation wall. Additionally, water penetration should not be an issue if the foundation is properly waterproofed.

•What’s the difference between waterproofing and damp proofing? Damp proofing does not provide a permanent barrier and it does not guarantee against water infiltration. Waterproofing does provide a permanent barrier and a 10 year guarantee.

•Can concrete be poured during extreme weather conditions? Yes. Additives are placed into the concrete mixture to accelerate the curing process in winter and slow the curing process in summer.

•Why are concrete pumps necessary? Concrete pumps are large pieces of equipment used to place the concrete into the forms in areas where access is limited or when ground conditions dictate.

•What height walls is Matrix able to construct? Matrix Concrete Foundations, Inc. has an aluminum panel system that forms 4’ and 8’ walls; the industry standard. Additionally, we have the capability to add a 1’ cap. This means that we have the flexibility to create a custom wall using any combination of the three panel sizes.
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