Prior to pouring your concrete footings and foundation walls, your job site will need to be excavated. The excavation requirements for putting in a poured concrete foundation are to provide an over dig area at least three (3) feet wider than the actual house foundation measurement. This over dig area will give us the space necessary to maneuver the aluminum forms and will also provide a safer work environment. The excavator will need to dig out the dirt so that the grade is within 4” of the desired depth.

Matrix Concrete Foundations would then come in and dig 4” and rail 4”, to provide a standard footing size of 8” deep by 16” wide. Footings are usually dug and poured with concrete on the same day.

However, a county inspector will need to be called to examine the footing prior to any placement of concrete. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for the inspection. Each county has different requirements, but most are straight forward and easy to follow. Often it is just a matter of calling the inspection/permit office and providing your address and permit number. Most counties require at least 24 hour advance notice of your inspection request.

Matrix Concrete Foundations, Inc. uses an aluminum form system to construct your foundation per your building requirements. We are capable of building intricate designs including angled and sloped walls. Once the building specs have been determined, Matrix will set the panels accordingly. Concrete will then be placed directly into the forms and allowed to set-up or cure. Upon removal of the forms, you are left with a solid concrete wall. A standard basement will have an 8’ foundation wall. However, we also offer 9’ walls as a decorator option. The extra foot provides additional head room, should you plan to finish your basement in the future. Additionally, we can offer 4’ walls for garage or crawl space conditions.
And, we can customize almost any wall dimension to accommodate your specific design requirements.

Typically, Matrix Concrete Foundations is capable of constructing a foundation within a three to four day building cycle. However, the size and design detail of your specific foundation may require this time period to be adjusted.

•Day 1 – Dig and Pour Footings
•Day 2 – Assemble Forms and Pour Foundation
•Day 3 – Strip Forms & Clean Up Job Site

Furthermore, the customer is responsible for waterproofing the foundation after the aluminum forms have been removed. This requires applying a thick membrane to the outside face of the foundation walls. Drain Tile works with the waterproofing to ensure that your foundation stays free of water problems.
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